Beauty comes from the inside out.

Beauty is complex. Its perception is societal, but also advocates for natural beauty. How can something decided on by the masses be “natural”? With different tastes and perspectives weighing in it seems like a cruel, eternal joke on women to compete over a single objective fact of how they should look. But true natural beauty is not found in the face or in the skin, or in the genes. Those all play a factor, but there is something more important: energy.


You may have experienced such a thing before. A woman walks into a room, and every head turns her way. No one can deny that she has a presence. Some may refer to it as energy: and they’re right. What she’s bringing isn’t just a pretty face, but a pure and honed energy personal energy field. That effortless beauty comes from within, and it exists in everyone.


The secret to looking younger or more beautiful without trying is not magic, and it’s not impossible. It’s in our energy. Instead of focusing on external factors of skin and bone structure, or applying creams and supplements that change the natural body, natural energy must be harnessed and cleansed to exude true beauty. But that can be hard in today’s environment.


The key issue facing women and men of all ages from unlocking their inner beauty is ElectroSmog. Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere, it comes out of every screen and every digital device. Every time you use your phone, you are exposing your own energy to a conflicting source that drowns it out and leaves you feeling, and being, less beautiful than you could be.


Everyday objects that you use, or that are used around you, negatively affect your personal energy field through disturbing electromagnetic fields of their own. These EMFs affect the electronic impulses of the nervous system which your body interprets through stress. These disturbances cause your serotonin to decrease, melatonin to be blocked affecting sleep patterns, and your very cells will age at an accelerated rate.


With 5G data on the way, the world will be covered in more EMFs than ever before. Fortunately, there is a way to fight this constant tide of invisible stress. One way is through herbal adaptogens that help manage stressors and cortisol levels, but that only treats the symptoms. To fix the problem at its source, there is Vita Chip.

Vita Chip protects you from the negative EMFs, like an umbrella shades you from the harmful radiation of the sun. It pairs with your everyday devices and gives you a layer of protection that allows you to continue using them without enduring the constant symptoms of EMF stress. Other stress relievers that help replenish a natural energy field including doing yoga, going for a run, or socializing with trusted friends.

You don’t have to live in a world of ElectroSmog, or live fearing cell phones and other communication devices. Don’t skip out on protecting yourself from the invisible threats of the modern age. Check out Vita Chip so that you can break through the smog with your natural, beautiful energy.