Why are EMFs dangerous?

Exposure to EMFs can damage DNA and cells directly. Excessive exposure can cause:

How can Vita Chip help protect you?

The Vita Chip transforms harmful
EMFs through its frequency
technology, regulating disharmonies
& imbalances in the body.

Unlike other EMF shielding devices that just block EMFs, Vita Chip actively goes into resonance with your body's electromagnetic field, supplying positive frequencies to achieve an optimal state of health.

Protect Your health
  • 5G approved

  • Swiss made

  • 90 day money back

Confirmed by thorough scientific research

The comprehensive examination involved large-scale investigations into how the Vita Systems influence the autonomic nervous system. Various assessments were conducted, including analysis of live blood samples, evaluations of heart rate variability, and a controlled, double-blind study on pain relief. Additional evaluations included bio-resonance imaging and detailed kinesiology assessments, following the principles of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt's Advanced Resonance Testing (ART) approach.

Our studies

Interview with Dr. Bradley Nelson and David Andres.

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What experts say about Vita Chip.

  • Gabriele Fröhlich, MD


    After experimenting with the Vita Chip on my highly sensitive patients, almost all sensitive people reported an immediate, noticeable effect. Many experienced improved body energy, reduced stress, better sleep, and a serene inner calm.

  •  Inga Urbanc

    German Student Advisor at Discover healing

    I work almost all day on the PC, and I have placed the chip here and on our router. I don't feel as quickly tired, and the brain fog that usually sets in after a few hours is gone.

  • Matthias Cebula

    Renowned practitioner

    I have not found any other product like the Vita Chip. It influences very important factors related to physical regeneration and detoxification in the body.

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