Electromagnetic hypersensitivity?

New wireless technology is exploding into the market and coming up everywhere. This is seen as only a good thing, a free and harmless source of information that can be accessed anywhere. However, if something sounds too good to be true, then it is. The same thing was said about cars: a harmless new, highly efficient way to move people across great distances, ignoring the harmful effects of smoke. Even smoking cigarettes was once thought of as a healthy alternative life choice, instead of the harmful and debilitating one, it is now. Time has revealed all truths through science, and the science of always-online connectivity is still developing. One thing we know for certain is that electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are starting to cause problems, and there are more of them every day.


EMFs are radiation waves released by wireless technology. The information that’s sent through phones and antennas and even from TV screens as light waves is something our bodies never evolved to handle, unlike sunlight. All that information has to be carried on something to interact with physical servers. That something is radio waves, which in turn result in radiation lingering in the air.


EMF radiation is not a new phenomenon. Early on, when the first cell phones were developed, scientific readings of EMFs taken from commercial products were through the roof. Technology has improved, but science has stayed the same, and there has been no concern in limiting these invisible waves at the cost of convenience. This has resulted in an abundance of EMF radiation nearly everywhere, which has, in turn, led to an uncontrolled outbreak of EMF sensitivity.


EMF sensitivity occurs in all people. common symptoms include :



-reduced attention

-sleep issues


-The more exposure people receive, the worst it can get.

The most dangerous appliance in any household, as recorded by the European Economic and Social Committee, is the microwave. This uses its own radiation, which is supposed to be protected by the interior, but that can only reduce the exposure by so much. Exposure to EMF radiation at that magnitude can immediately block the voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC) in the brain, resulting in a number of neuropsychiatric effects. After all, it’s energy that moves through the air and through solid objects. It can move through your body, too.


There is a way to reduce the strains of EMF radiation, such as through the Vita Chip technology. It can be used to suppress EMF radiation and bring relief to people suffering from unrecognized pains. The Vita Chip has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of immediate onset headaches and dysesthesia immediately once in use and negates the negative effects caused by everyday EMF radiation even from smartphones.


As time goes on, science will find the roots to these new problems and work to create solutions. We’ve already seen the rise of electronic vehicles (which create their own EMF pollution) in response to problems related to carbon emissions, perhaps one day we can see smart devices smart enough not to bombard their users with EMFs.