Vita Chip - 5G & EMF Protection Devices

How does my Vita Chip work?

The Vita Chip is an innovative device designed to protect the body from the effects of external electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Instead of altering the EMFs themselves, the Vita Chip works on an internal level.

The Vita Chip consists of advanced technology that generates an information field. This information field is placed on the EMFs and then transported to the body. There, the information field resonates with the body's natural energy.

By providing the information field, the Vita Chip helps correct any disturbances or imbalances caused by the EMFs. By restoring harmony to the body, the Vita Chip enables optimal functioning and helps promote wellness.

In simpler terms, it could be put like this: The Vita Chip does not directly alter EMFs, but adds an information field that resonates with the body's natural energy. This balances out any disturbances or imbalances caused by the EMFs. The chip works on the internal level to restore harmony in the body and counteract the negative effects of the EMFs.

Which devices need a Vita Chip?

High frequency devices found in most households:

Cell phones
WLAN routers
Laptops and computers
Smart TVs
Bluetooth devices (e.g. headphones, speakers)
Microwave ovens
Cordless phones
Baby monitors
Game consoles
Smart home devices (e.g., smart thermostats, voice assistants).

This list is intended as a general guide and it may vary by household. Remember, it is advisable to place Vita Chips on the devices that are most commonly used in your household to ensure optimal protection.

Does my Vita Chip work with 5G?

The Vita Chip does not directly protect the body from external electromagnetic fields (EMFs) by modifying them. Instead, it works inside the body. Let's explain how it works:

EMFs, including those generated by 5G networks, can disrupt the body's internal processes.
The Vita Chip does not alter the EMFs, but instead places an information field over them.
This information field is then transported to the body and interacts with the body's natural energy.
The Vita Chip's information field resonates with the body and helps to balance any imbalances caused by the EMFs' interfering information.
In simpler terms, we could put it this way: EMFs from devices and especially from 5G networks can disrupt our physical harmony. The Vita Chip does not alter the EMFs, but adds a helpful layer of information that is in harmony with our body's energy. This information acts as a gentle correction, restoring balance and counteracting the disturbances caused by the EMFs.

By working on the internal level and restoring harmony in the body, the Vita Chip helps to mitigate the negative effects of EMFs, including 5G, and allows the body to function optimally.

What does my Vita Chip consist of?

The Vita Chip consists of a combination of specially formulated minerals and magnetites, all encased in a carrier material. The Vita Chip is then infused with special beneficial information to help your body counteract the negative effects of EMFs.

How long can I use my Vita Chip?

The Vita Chip is designed to be robust and durable. It requires no battery or power source and provides continuous protection over an extended period of time. With proper care and maintenance, the Vita Chip can be a reliable companion on your path to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Where do I place my Vita Chips?

The Vita Chip can be placed anywhere on high-frequency electronic devices where space is available. This includes smart meters and solar control panels. Let your creativity run free and find the ideal place for the Vita Chip to create a harmonious and protective atmosphere.

Do I need a Vita chip on every device?

It is recommended to place a Vita Chip on each device to create a harmonious living environment. Each electronic device emits its own electromagnetic fields and by placing a Vita Chip on each device, you can extend the protective benefits to the entire room. This comprehensive approach ensures that all the high-frequency devices in your home help reduce electromagnetic stress and create a balanced and invigorating living space.

Can the Vita System 8 be split up?

The Vita System can work autonomously from each other and can be split up. However, we recommend that you protect your own home first to get the maximum benefit from it. By protecting your own four walls, you create a harmonious environment that offers you numerous benefits. Let Vita System do its work and experience an improved quality of life in your protected home.

What changes can you expect by using Vita Chip?

Users of the Vita Chip report several benefits, including improved sleep quality, increased concentration, reduced stress levels, and an overall sense of well-being. By reducing the harmful effects of EMF and 5G radiation, the Vita Chip supports your ability to cope with the stresses of modern life, creating a more harmonious and vital living environment.

Can I detach my Vita Chip and use it again?

The Vita Chip can be removed from all devices, but note that the adhesive may not adhere as strongly as before.

Can I use my Vita Chip on a case?

The Vita Chip can be used with a cell phone case, either on top of the case or underneath it.

Is my Vita Chip waterproof?

The Vita Chip is waterproof, but please note that it should not be heated above 60 degrees Celsius.

Vita System 8 - or Vita System 4 - ?

The number of Vita Chips needed varies by household and the number of electronic devices you and your family own. Vita System 8 is a good choice for most households. We recommend placing a Vita Chip on all devices that are used most frequently in the household. By taking this measure, you create a comprehensive protection for your home.

Vita Quantum - EMF Protection Pendant

What is Vita Chip Quantum?

The Vita Chip "Quantum" is an elegant and energetic pendant designed to enrich you both externally and internally. It is made of high quality 925/000 sterling silver, handcrafted by the renowned jeweler Kerner in Ulm, Germany, and is a unique piece of jewelry that supports your vitality and well-being. The Quantum Chip is programmed with healing frequencies to protect your body from harmful EMFs.

Vita Chip Quantum or Vita Chip?

The Vita Chip Quantum is an outstanding product in its own right and makes an excellent gift for birthdays and other special occasions. However, our primary recommendation to our customers is to first invest in a Vita System 2.0 (4-8). This comprehensive system harmonizes your home and living environment and allows your body to get the rest it needs. While the Quantum is a wonderful companion for your outdoor adventures, we still strongly encourage you to choose a System to get the most benefits.

How does the Vita Chip Quantum work?

The Vita Chip Quantum uses the same basic technology as all of our systems. It is an older generation, but it continues to provide your body with useful information to protect you from the effects of EMFs. The Vita Chip Quantum provides protection from frequencies up to 5 GHz, which is especially common with home Wi-Fi routers.

Can my Vita Chip Quantum get wet?

The Vita Chip Quantum is handmade and is made of pure silver. It is waterproof but we recommend it because the silver can oxidize.

Where should I place the Vita Chip Quantum?

Wear the Vita Chip "Quantum" near your heart to get the most out of its protective and energizing effects.

LifeSource Food Energizer

How does the Vita Chip Food work?

All foods contain a certain amount of water and minerals. It has been shown that both water and minerals have a certain structure. The closer the structure of food is to a "clock structure", the more beneficial it is to the body. The Vita Chip Food corrects these disharmonious structures, revitalizes your food and provides your body with what it needs.

In addition to correcting structures, the Vita Chip Food also has a positive energetic effect on the food. This helps to restore the natural flow of energy and make the food optimally useful for the body.

Due to the revitalized and harmonized structures of the food, the Vita Chip Food becomes a valuable companion for a balanced and healthy diet. It supports the body to absorb and effectively use the essential nutrients.

What are the benefits of Vita Chip Food?

By using Vita Chip Food, you can enjoy tastier and more flavorful meals and drinks. It helps restructure water into a coherent state, energize foods and beverages, and intensify their flavor. In addition, it enhances the health-promoting properties of the items consumed.

How do I use the Vita Chip Food?

Simply place the Vita Chip Food near or in direct contact with food to vitalize it. The chip transfers its programmed information to the items, bringing you into harmony and energized self.

Are there specific applications or uses for the Vita Chip Food?

The Vita Chip Food can either be placed under a container of liquid to restructure it or placed in the refrigerator to revitalize your food and beverages.

Through its unique technology, the Vita Chip Food supports the harmonization and revitalization of food and beverages. It corrects disharmonious structures and helps restore the natural flow of energy in foods. This makes them optimally usable for the body.

To restructure liquids, simply place the Vita Chip Food under the container. Due to the proximity of the Vita Chip Food, the liquids take on a harmonious structure and are energetically enhanced.

When you place the Vita Chip Food in the refrigerator, it revitalizes your foods and beverages by harmonizing their structure and enhancing their natural energy. This keeps them fresh longer and retains their valuable nutrients.

General questions - Order / Delivery / Return policy

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Our return process is very simple.

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One criterion to become a partner is the previous use of the Vita Chip.

How do I become a partner?

You can apply here Vita Chip affiliate aplication

Do I have to order a certain sales quantity?

You don't have to order a certain number of Vita Chips. Just share the Vita Chip with others and get a commission for every sale when someone uses your unique affiliate link.

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