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Protect you and your loved ones health from EMFs and 5G Radiation

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  • Premium Quality

    Developed with German engineering, manufactured in Switzerland

  • 5G-approved

    Vita Chip counteracts 5G frequencies

  • 90 days money back

    Try without risk: Feel safe with our 90-day money back guarantee

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Stay Safe and Connected with Vita Chip 5G and EMF Home Protection:

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Enjoy inner peace
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  • What is the Vita Chip?

    A Swiss-made device that harmonizes EMF radiation. Programmed with 1200+ frequencies, it restructures the chaotic emfs into a biocompatible form.

  • How does it work?

    Our Devices operate on the principles of quantum physics. Programmed with specific frequencies that resonate with chaotic EMF fields through quantum entanglement.

  • Why do I need it?

    EMF protection is needed due to the health risks linked to prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices and wireless technologies.

Reviews on Vita Chip: The Easy and Proven 5G and EMF Protection Solution for EMR and Electrosmog Radiation

Your Benefits

  • ✔︎ Improve sleep

    Improves melatonin and serotonin levels

  • ✔︎ Reduce cell stress

    Frequency technology improves cell communication

  • ✔︎ Relieve chronic pain

    Double-blind study conducted and proven

Red Blood Cells Exposed to EMF Radiation

Recommended by doctors and sports physicians


    Dr. med. Meierhöfer

    Complementary Medicine

    The "pain-free chip," the Vita Chip, has frequencies that act cellularly and affect pain receptors.


    Matthias Cebula

    Renowned practitioner

    I have not found any other product like the Vita Chip. It influences very important factors related to physical regeneration and detoxification.


    Dr. Med Hiltrud Förster

    General Practitioner

    You stick the chip where you have problems. Amazingly, it actually worked.

More than 31,000 happy Vita Chip customers

Bruno Würtenberger from FreesSpirit® heartily recommends vita chip.

"Had the flu and a hell of a headache. I put the phone with the vita chip stuck on it on my head, and to my amazement, I found that after 10 minutes the pain was blown away."

Karin D., Singen

The "pain-free chip"

Dr. med. Rudolf Meierhöfer, Schwabach

"What I can say is that my son stopped taking the medication bomb (asthma) after using the vita chip. He slept next to the vita chip for 7 days. He has not had an asthma crisis since."

Michaela B. Heilpraktikerin, Brasilien Asthmakrise vorbei

"My tennis elbow is suddenly gone. Thanks to the Vita-Chip. The first time I was a bit skeptical. You are offered so many things and you are always warned. But I was in so much pain that I thought, this is the last try now and I'll just give it a try. And it really worked."

Gabriella aus Konstanz

"The vita chip has become an indispensable part of my curative treatment. It is able to reduce cell stress and raise cell energy levels."

Matthias Cebula, Heilpraktiker Bamberg

"I am electrosensitive to a very high degree. I have already had many therapies. I am blessed to have come into contact with the vita chip because my electrosensitivity has improved immensely."

Carmen S., Uhldingen

"I am a top athlete and have a Vita Chip that is individually tailored to me. At every race, I have the Vita Chips in my pocket and attached to my legs. This allows me to perform better."

Katrin L., Riehen, CH

"I have found a calm, balanced life with Vita Chips in my home, cell phone and car. Physically, changes for the better are always underway."

Annemarie G. Imst, Austria

"The cell phone becomes a healing device" – timetodo TV Sendung

Prof. Michael Vogt, Publizist, Kassel Das Handy wird zum Heilgerät

Works on all EMF producing devices