Vita Chip for Well-being, Vita Chip for Life

We are dedicated to safeguarding your health in our tech-driven world. Our advanced frequency modulation technology transforms harmful EMF radiation from modern devices into a biocompatible form, significantly reducing its impact on your well-being. With over 30 years of research in information medicine, our specialists have crafted highly effective solutions. We use calibrated frequencies to protect your health, allowing guilt-free tech use. As pioneers in frequency and information medicine, our mission is to lead the way in healing through frequency. Join us on our journey to a future where frequency-based healing is the norm.


As a family business, our philosophy is characterized by honesty, sincerity and a focus on people's needs.

Peter Andres - Founder

From my roots as a computer scientist, deeply entrenched in the realm of computer-controlled measurement technology, emerged Vita Chip for Well-being and Vita Chip for Life.

In 2011, a fateful encounter brought us together with visionary doctors and scientists who had dedicated three decades to perfecting the technology that powers our products, designed to shield you from the growing concerns of 5G and EMF radiation.

Bound by a shared mission to mitigate the effects of 5G and EMF radiation, we joined forces to birth Vita Chip. Together, we've ascended to the forefront of global information frequency technology, steadfast in our commitment to rejuvenating balance and vitality for you and your loved ones. Today, I am a man who has combined his passion for technology with his new understanding of subtle energy, driving us towards a healthier and safer future.

Protection you can trust!

Happy, healthy customers are what we strive

We want you to be 100% satisfied with all Vita Chip products. If for any reason they do not suit you within three months, we invite you to return them to us for a full refund.

Our solution to EMF Radiation

We take a natural, holistic approach to health. The foundation for good health begins at the cellular level. Through careful study and scientific testing, Vita Chip products have been uniquely designed to combat the invisible, cell-damaging and electromagnetic frequencies.

By listening to you and your needs, we have developed products that help your body achieve optimal health on a cellular level, without the help of medications.


With over 30 years of research in information medicine, we have programmed our Vita Chip with several positive frequencies that help your body return to homeostasis.

Thousands of our customers have reported a reduction in the following ailments:

back pain, chronic joint pain, sleep apnea, tendonitis, headaches, asthma, allergies, food sensitivities, brain fog, bowel dysfunction, heart disease, hormone and metabolic imbalances, painful symptoms during a woman's menstrual cycle, emotional trauma, depression states, and more.

Studies and analyses

Our EMF Protection Products