Testosterone & EMFs

Every man knows where their testosterone comes from, and they take great care to protect that area not just from pain but also from passive environmental threats. Or do they? Most men may also not know that the simple act of taking a wireless connected phone from their pocket is the equivalent of taking a stiff, hard strike straight to their personal energy field. Electronic devices have been shown to emit stronger electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, than ever before.


Testosterone levels have dropped by 17%

According to a study conducted by the Massachusetts center for male aging, average male testosterone levels have dropped by 17% since 1987. What has been introduced to the regular daily routine of men everywhere starting in the late 80s and early 90s? The affordable mobile phone. The rate of testosterone level decrement has been steadily going down by at least 1% per year every year for three whole decades.



With reduced testosterone, men are more likely to be afflicted by many sex-specific diseases, including prostate or testicular cancers and even erectile dysfunction. All of these can be traced back to the EMFs that are constantly bombarding the sensitive areas. Even when a phone is off, it is emitting signals to ping to wireless connections, and those signals pass through the body when they can and if they have to, and get broadcast in all directions.


A study by Zhejiang University compared the testosterone levels of workers at a power plant and men in fields with far less EMF exposure. The men working at the power plant had significantly less testosterone than the men who didn’t due to high EMF exposure. The constant use and exposure of mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, wifi routers, and even the electronic signals emitted by the technology inside of cars can lead to these issues and more. Chiefly among them, EMFs are seen as responsible for depleting a man’s reproductive capability.


Men are struggling more often with the problems associated with low testosterone, and most don’t know why. They turn to supplements that only deplete their body’s ability to produce the hormone naturally, which can cause debilitating imbalances. As long as men carry phones in their pockets, which they will stay in touch with the modern world, there will always be EMF exposure at hand.


Technology like Vita Chip can help prevent further EMF disturbances by providing a barrier that prevents excessive EMF radiation from penetrating through the body. It also helps fight against EMF sensitivity, which can have a wide range of effects on the brain such as migraines, confusion, emotional disturbance and forgetfulness. Anything to cut down the daily use of electronics is also highly advised, as they are the key source of EMF radiation.


Combating the rise of EMF radiation in everyday appliances is difficult, but considering the negative effects, it’s plainly worth it.