The EMF Guide

Pregnancy is a joyous time. Names to consider, nurseries to design, and that wonderful feeling of a new life developing and ready to greet the world!

Every mom wants to know she’s protecting her baby from any damaging situations and giving her new baby the best chance of a healthy start.

But how important is EMF radiation in pregnancy, how does it affect our everyday devices such as cell phones, wifi routers, and computers, and is it harmful? As experts in this area here’s our guide to find out what it is, and if so, what steps you can take.

Electromagnet fields can be either ionized or non-ionized. Ionized EMFs are often used in X-rays and cancer treatment. These are harmful in pregnancy and developing babies. Non-ionized are found in power lines, microwaves, cell phones, computers, routers, and Bluetooth devices. These too can be harmful.

As always, these subjects have several nuances that you need to take into account. But, with the short answer in mind, so you can better understand if EMF radiation is harmful in pregnancy, let’s start by uncovering exactly what it is.


What is EMF radiation?

The easiest way to understand EMF radiation is to imagine it as a form of energy not visible to the naked eye. They are often referred to simply as ‘radiation’. EMFs are generally aligned with the use of electrical power.

Essentially many of your home appliances including your everyday tech such as mobiles and laptops emit some strength of electromagnetic radiation.


Why should we be concerned about EMF radiation?

Recent figures from experts report that a whopping 90.8 percent of the whole U.S population uses the internet, it’s little wonder that modern devices are part of our daily routine.

So whether you are pregnant or not, it appears that although a vast number of us use the internet in some forms we might not be fully aware of the risks involved.Cellphones, computers and routers Electric and magnetic fields are all around us. From our cell phones and microwaves, laptops, and even wifi routers, we are surrounded every day by invisible energy waves.

These electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are around our homes, workplaces, and even in the open air from power lines.

When you are pregnant you not only have yourself to protect but also the health of your developing baby.

So what type of radiation is EMF – and should we be worried?


What types of radiation are EMFs?

Radiation can range dramatically and radiation is either what’s known as ‘high frequency’ or ‘low frequency’.

This radiation is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Radiation exists across what is commonly called the electromagnetic spectrum.

EMFs sit in the low part of the spectrum and occupy a frequency range of 0-3000Hz.


There are two types of EMF

So you can understand more easily how EMFs or electromagnetic frequencies can be harmful to mothers and babies, it’s important to understand that there are two types of EMF.


Ionizing radiation

The first contains ionizing radiation. This is more harmful and can cause free radicals to cause damage to cells within you and your baby’s body.

This radiation from EMFs is likely to be found in the form of gamma rays. Gamma rays are commonly

used to treat cancer and are also used in X-rays. If you, or your baby, are subjected to high levels of ionizing radiation, there can be a series of harmful

effects to the body, including burns, skin loss, and:

● Bone marrow

● Organs

● Tissue

● Developing fetus

Without getting too technical, visible light separates the more harmful ionizing radiation from the non-ionizing.

Let’s find out whether non-ionizing radiation might also cause harm in pregnancy.


Non-ionizing radiation

So although the non-ionizing form of EMF is not as harmful to you or your baby as the ionizing type, can still have damaging effects.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, EMFs of any known kind ...including non-ionizing EMFs, have now been categorized as a “possible human carcinogen.”


Sources of radiation when you are pregnant


If you are of a certain age, many of us remember our parents telling us to not stand too close to the microwave! This does have a basis if you are trying to avoid sources of EMF radiation, especially if you are pregnant. The EFM exposure does slightly decrease as you move further away from any object that’s sending out waves.

Contemporary pregnancies mean that women are living much fuller lives than in previous decades. Many are working near the end of pregnancies and busy in their communities.

You are exposed to EMFs during pregnancy when using internet-enabled devices

Even once you have stopped working and are on maternity leave, there is a constant source of EMF radiation powering through our homes. Every time you watch a movie on a computer or scroll Instagram and Facebook for the latest pregnancy advice!

So it’s no wonder that exposure to EMFs is still extremely high when carrying an unborn baby.

So which items do we have to be aware of when protecting the new life we are carrying?


Everyday items that operate on Electromagnet frequencies

Below is a non-exhaustive list of everyday items that will be sending out various strengths of EMF.

● Cell phones

● Laptops

● Wireless Wifi routers

● Computers

● Any Bluetooth device

● Microwave ovens

● Power lines

● MRI machines


Studies confirm that EMFs can cause harm during pregnancy

In our modern world, the developments in technology have been dramatic in the last decade.

From cell phones to high-speed broadband in pregnancy, you are now exposed to far more EMF than ever before.

A recent study of mothers with children who had speech problems was asked about their exposure to various origins of Electromagnetic fields including laptops, computers, mobile phones, etc.

The study was unable to definitively find whether mobile phone usage caused speech problems in their children due to high phone usage amongst the women interviewed.

However, it was found that using cordless telephones during pregnancy significantly increased the risk of speech problems in infants both during pregnancy and also more worryingly, before pregnancy too.

It was also discovered that those studied who lived near power lines during and before pregnancy, were also much more likely to have children who suffered from speech challenges.

There has also been a wealth of other studies and reviews that have looked into the possibility that EMFs can contribute to cancer in children.

So what can you do to help protect your health during pregnancy and shield your developing baby?


Biofeedback technology

For any expectant mother who is concerned about their health and that of their developing child, it’s crucial to remain in what’s known as ‘ vibrational homeostasis’.

This can help to balance vibrations within your body which have been agitated by everyday devices such as mobile phones, computers, wifi routers, and even power lines.

Biofeedback technology can restore balance to your organs and your entire nervous system.

Vita chip helps to transform electro smog from everyday devices which can disrupt your natural frequencies during pregnancy.


And to end on…

We hope this guide has provided some insight into EMFs, and how they can potentially affect both you and your pregnancy.

Here at Vita chip US, we can help you to transform those harmful EMFs in many wifi-enabled devices such as computers, cell phones, and routers.

Let us help you to improve your and your developing babies; health by simply altering dangerous EMFs to the more positive bio-resonant frequencies from your most commonly used daily devices.

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