Stressed out? Why unwinding won’t do the job

I know, you will very likely not want to bother reading just another blog on the worn-out topic ‘stress’. Literally millions of articles have been written about it. No real revelations to be expected, right? Well, you might be wrong this time. So, I’d like you to bear with me for just a bit – I might surprise you. I promise to spare you the spiel about how stress is physiologically caused, what type of bodily reactions there are, and what types of mental and physical approaches you could choose to deal with it. Instead, I will introduce the topic differently, most likely in a way you are not familiar with.

A fickle business

Physicians dub chronic stress ‘stress disorder’ to illustrate that certain biomarkers deviate from the norm. Synonyms for the word disorder are ‘disarray’, ‘disorganization’, or ‘chaos’. So, whichever way you look at it disorder means that something has lost its original shape, form, or function. Stress disorder, therefore, is a condition where an underlying mechanism is maladaptive, no longer allowing the body to fully recover from that which causes stress (i.e. the stressors). In a relatively new branch of western medicine – information medicine – bodily functions are described in terms of frequencies and oscillations. This is because form a quantum physics point of view, energy and frequencies are at the formative cause of molecules and atoms. Consequently, and this is the fun part where most people can’t wrap their minds around it, the fabric, function, and form of an organ, say a liver, differs from those of a spleen only in the way their energy patterns differ. Now, every human cell has an ‘eigen frequency’, i.e. an individual oscillation that guarantees its optimal functioning. Furthermore, some of those frequencies, for instance those of some brain waves, correspond to the frequencies of the earth (so called Schumann frequency). Whenever such bodily frequency patterns are (chronically) disturbed stress disorder ensues.

Being informed is key

The latin word ‘informare’ means ‘bringing in form’, thus, information has a very literal meaning in information medicine. Practically all forms of information medicine approaches aim at restoring dysfunctional cell imbalances by applying biologically healthy frequencies. Such frequencies purely act on an informational level, i.e. they do not transmit physical energy. One such device is called vita chip. It is a cutting-edge informational bio-resonance chip, which corrects dysfunctional information patterns and allows the body to fully activate its self-healing capacities. Not only does the vita chip reduce pain it also helps to improve mood and wellbeing. There are a number of studies as well as dozens of testimonials from users attesting to the effectiveness of the vita chip. Most users stick it on their cell phone and apply it during the night because this is the time when the body recovers and detoxifies. As a side note, the vita chip works independently of what you wish or expect. In fact, even in highly skeptical people it produces the desired effect. Obviously, being informed goes way beyond the colloquial meaning!