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Looking good has never made so much sense! The Vita Chip "Quantum" not only makes you beautiful on the outside, but also carries beauty inside you - and that directly near your body's most important energy and information field: your heart.

The Vita Chip "Quantum" is carefully handcrafted according to our highest quality standards in 925/000 high quality silver by the traditional jeweler Kerner in Ulm. Thus, each piece, like its wearer, is unique. Captivatingly beautiful optics, high-quality materials and our Vita Chip ensure vitality and well-being.

Lifestyle magazine GQ selected Juwelier Kerner as one of the best 100 jewelers in Germany.

  • Reduce cell stress

  • Enjoy inner peace

  • Improve sleep

Dr. med. Aristotelis Davaroukas,

"You can't eliminate electromagnetic pollution, but you can transform it to make it tolerable for humans, and maybe even more than tolerable."

Red Blood Cells Exposed to EMF Radiation

The Video above shows the effect of EMF exposure on red blood cells, comparing scenarios with and without the Vita Chip. The footage clearly shows how the Vita Chip maintains the integrity of the cells, preventing them from sticking together. This demonstration visually confirms the effectiveness of the Vita Chip in shielding against EMF influences.

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A Masterpiece of Precision and Protection

Each Quantum Pendant is meticulously handcrafted by Germany's renowned jeweler, Kerner, who has been perfecting the art of jewelry-making since 1884. This exquisite pendant encases a Vita Chip, designed to harmonize your body's energy by providing EMF protection against the invisible stressors of modern technology, including 5G radiation.

Crafted with precision and care, every Vita Chip device integrated into our pendants is made in Switzerland, ensuring the highest standards of quality and efficacy. Experience not only luxury and style but also enhanced well-being with our Quantum Pendant, where timeless craftsmanship meets cutting-edge frequency technology.

Rigorous Scientific Validation

The effectiveness of Vita Systems has been established with scientific certainty. These extensive evaluations focused on the impact of Vita Systems on the autonomic nervous system, utilizing a variety of diagnostic methods. These included detailed examinations of live blood, assessments of heart rate variability, a rigorously controlled placebo-based study on pain, bioresonance scans, and in-depth kinesiological evaluations employing the Advanced Resonance Testing (ART) technique devised by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.

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Quantum Rondo - 5G Protection Silver Pendant

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Quantum Rondo - 5G Protection Silver Pendant

Restful sleep

Reduce cellular stress

Experience inner tranquility

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Quantenanhänger - E-Smog Schutz Vitachip
Quantenanhänger - E-Smog Schutz Vitachip
Quantenanhänger - E-Smog Schutz Vitachip
Quantum Rondo - 5G Protection Silver Pendant
Quantum Rondo - 5G Protection Silver Pendant

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
jenny amman

The Vita Chip Quantum has changed my life for the better. I feel more inner peace and less stress, and my meditations have become more effective.
You can see the attention to detail, making the pendant an outstanding piece. I have had a much better quality of life since owning it. I would recommend it to all my loved ones.

Lind Smith
5G Protection

Very Powerful Feel Good Energy While Wearing It !

Eva Daeumling
I am living in Canada and the delievery was fast and without problems on the border.

The Quantum Rondo - 5 G Protection Silver Pendant is beautiful and it will be a very special Christmas gift .... to myself ;-)

Sabine P.
Better liver values and well-being

A woman had extremely poor liver values after chemo treatment. After stopping chemo and wearing the Vita Chip Quantum, they improved very quickly, as did her well-being.

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