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What Is Vita Chip

The Vita Chip transforms harmful EMFs through its frequency technology, regulating disharmonies
& imbalances in the body.

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What are EMFS & why Protect myself

In today’s world, where technology infiltrate every aspect of our lives, the invisible threat of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) looms larger than ever.

EMFs surround us, posing unseen challenges to our health. The World Health Organization labels some wireless devices as 'possibly carcinogenic,' spotlighting the urgent need for EMF protection.

As we navigate this digital era, technologies like the Vita Chip offer a beacon of hope, neutralizing harmful EMFs and safeguarding our wellbeing. Embracing the conveniences of technology while protecting ourselves from electromagnetic pollution is crucial for maintaining our quality of life amid rising exposure.

What is the Vita Chip Frequency technology

A Swiss-made device that harmonizes EMF radiation. Programmed with 1200+ frequencies, it restructures the chaotic emfs into a biocompatible form.

How does the Vita Chip protect from EMF radiation

Our Devices operate on the principles of quantum physics. Programmed with specific frequencies that restructure chaotic EMF fields. Through quantum entanglement the harmful EMF radiation is modulated into a biocompatible form.

Vita Chip EMF Protection Reviews:

Red Blood Cells Exposed to EMF Radiation

Our video above showcases red blood cells response to EMF, with and without Vita Chip. Witness the clear difference: cells remain healthy and free from clumping with Vita Chip, offering a visual proof of its effectiveness in EMF mitigation.

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Trusted By Doctors & Experts

Matthias Cebula

Renowned practitioner

The Vita Chip tests positively with every patient, whether they are younger or older. It relieves everyone of the stress caused by electromagnetic pollution.

Dr. Eva Meierhofer,

My patient told me that as soon as they wake up in the morning, they feel more fit and efficient. This ranged from optimizing their sleep, reducing the stress from electromagnetic fields.

I always recommend, get yourself a Vita Chip, try it out for a while, and if you find it doesn't work for you and you don't feel better, the great thing about Vita Chip is that you can simply return it within 90 days.

Rainer Schneider Doctor of Psychology

What we have discovered about the Vita Chip's effects on EMFs has genuinely astonished us.

Comparable or even superior to results seen in pharmaceutical pain management studies, the device has significantly enhanced energy levels and capability, transforming skeptics into proponents.

Gabriele Fröhlich, MD


After experimenting with the Vita Chip on my highly sensitive patients, almost all sensitive people reported an immediate, noticeable effect. Many experienced improved body energy, reduced stress, better sleep, and a serene inner calm.

Over 34,000 happy Vita Chip customers

My hand would hurt and start to go tingle and go numb after holding my cell phone for awhile. I have noticed a big difference since using this device, which has made a significant difference. I will be sure to purchase more to install on all my devices. So very grateful. Fast and efficient service!

Jennifer Poitevint

I purchased a vita chip last month just to test it out and honestly my sleep has improved a lot since putting it on my phone. I was a bit unsure it it was going to work but at this point I was willing to try anything to maintain better sleep. After a month of using it I have noticed the benefits and am going to buy some for my family as a holiday present! Thank you! :)

Olivia B.

The vita chip has become an indispensable part of my curative treatment. It is able to reduce cell stress and raise cell energy levels.

Matthias C.

I am electrosensitive to a very high degree. I have already had many therapies. I am blessed to have come into contact with the vita chip because my electrosensitivity has improved immensely.

Carmen S., Uhldingen

We conducted a 'test' with the Vita Chip. Previously, my husband could not carry his cell phone in the breast pocket of his shirt or jacket, as it would trigger unpleasant sensations in his heart area. However, during the comparative 'test' with the Vita Chip, he did not perceive any of the discomfort or trepidation—wonderful and interesting!

Martina S.

Works on all EMF producing devices

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