Pain and injuries

Finally pain free
"My experience with the Vita Chip: The first night, the teeth and gums were mostly pain-free. On the 2nd day, the tailbone was pain-free because the cell phone was underneath it. On the 3rd day: improvement of the skin condition."
Gabriele B., Augsburg
Incredible - migraine is gone
"I had menstrual cramps accompanied by very severe migraines. The pain was still there, but in a weakened form, the migraine had completely disappeared. The Vita Chip was worn on the skin."
Sabine S., Trochtelfingen
Positive effect
"I was very impressed with your information about the Bio-Transmitter and its positive effect on my tendonitis in my foot was clear."
Prof. George B., Wien
Headache resolved immediately
"I had the flu and a hell of a headache. I put the Vita Chip on my head and to my amazement, after 10 minutes the pain was gone."
Karin D., Singen
Flying without side effects
"Since I've been using the Vita Chip, I no longer have headaches when flying and the jet lag is kept at bay.
Maria S., Worblingen
Everything back to normal
"I had a stiff neck for 1 ½ months. The doctor could not help me with tablets. When I put the Vita Chip on, the pain was gone in 2 days and my neck was fine again."
Thomas P., Bodman
Decongestion of the hand
"Relief for swollen, aching hands. My son-in-law had a swollen hand after an accident at work. At a private meeting, we told him about the Vita Chip and recommended that he place his hand on a cell phone with the chip. Since my wife also has the chip on her cell phone, she also placed her cell phone on the swollen palm. After about 10 minutes, my son-in-law said that the hand no longer hurt and the lump had subsided. This was confirmed when we looked at his hand, which looked normal again.
Wilfried & Barbara W., Weilheim
Complaint free horseback ride
"I got a sharp pain yesterday in my riding lesson and thought I can't go on like this (must have been too much exercise for the bruise). Then I put a Vita Chip in my pocket very close to my hip bone for the following riding lesson. After that I didn't think about it at all and the lesson went without any discomfort. After that, I put the Vita Chip directly on the bruised area for the night, and the next day I had hardly any pain."
Leonie S., Stuttgart
Hard to believe
"My brother had tendinitis or something similar in his hand a few days ago. The hand and part of the forearm were visibly swollen, and the doctor prescribed at least 14 days of rest and a splint. The next day, I asked him to put my smartphone with the Vita-Chip on his hand. After a few minutes, it started to tingle, and after about 45 minutes, the swelling went down. By the evening, he no longer needed a splint and was able to fully use his hand again. If you haven't seen it for yourself, you almost can't believe it.
Ingo M., Göhren
Various healing successes
"I told you that at the beginning I had considerable difficulties with the Vita Chips due to my sensitivity, such as pressure on the chest and the feeling of being totally electrified. That has since changed. Possibly my body really had to get used to the Vita Chip first, as you explained to me. And now for the results: "My shoulder pain (arthritis) has almost completely disappeared and I have noticed that since using the Vita Chip I no longer have migraine attacks. I now sleep through the night and my chronic gastritis has also improved noticeably. I can again enjoy some of the foods that used to give me stomach aches. And there's something else I've noticed: Although I don't suffer from asthma, every now and then I would wake up at night thinking I couldn't breathe. My doctor said that this could be caused by the nerves. Since I have been using the Vita Chip, I have not had any more such attacks. Even my husband, who was rather skeptical about my enthusiasm, I could convince in the meantime. Because of his frequent back pain, I stuck the chip on the corresponding spot for a few hours and put it under his bed at night. The next morning, I could not believe my eyes, he jumped out of bed with one leap, as if he had never had pain. Meanwhile, he reaches for the Vita-Chip himself more and more often."
Gabriele K., Beindersheim
Pain is gone
"I would like to give a short interim report as an example of the effect of Vita Chip: My husband had severe back pain since an accident in 1999, and it was getting worse. No doctor could help him. He would have slipped vertebrae and would have to live with the pain or have surgery. We heard about the Vita Chip, saw the video and ordered the Vita Chip. He put it on the said source of pain with a tape bandage and after about 2 days the pain was - is - gone."
Ilona Ö., Wünschendorf/E.
Enormous results
"I bought Vita Chips from you in the spring and since then my family and I don't want to miss them, by the way, neither do our cats (vitalized food). A week ago, the Vita Chip gave me an excellent service. After an invitation with lavish consumption of meat (normally I do not eat meat), my right leg started to hurt in the hip area. This pain became so severe that I could hardly move. A doctor friend diagnosed inflammation of the sciatic nerve. I stuck a chip on the corresponding spot. After half a day, the pain subsided so much that I could already limp to the grocery store. After 3 days I was symptom-free. I also stuck a Vita Chip in the meter box. Since then, the food has been cooking at a lower level. Before, meals simmered on level 5, now on level 3."
Ingrid H., Freistritz, Austria
He won't give me back the Vita Chip, though."
"A bricklayer is working on the renovation of our house. When he was on his way home late at night, he was attacked and brutally beaten up by some youths. The next day I saw him in the morning. He was literally beaten green and blue. Badly swollen under his eyes, his ribs bruised. He could only move in pain, let alone work. I stuck a patch with a Vita chip under his eye. That same day he asked me what it was. He had no pain, which was unbelievable. When he came to work two days later, still shimmering in all colors, his eyes were clear, without any swelling and without pain. He won't give me back the Vita Chip, though."
Erwin H., Uruguay
Swinging out of bed
"I broke a vertebra this year and had constant pain for a long time. Especially in the morning after getting up, nothing helped at first. After sticking the Vita Chip on said vertebra, I was amazed the next morning! I could get up much easier and immediately and even bend over, which was always difficult for me. Then I slept again without the Vita Chip, because I was not quite sure if I was wrong. But no, without the chip the pain in the morning is stronger again. Now I only sleep with the Vita Chip! And can get out of bed in the morning with vigor!"
Hanne H., Kramsach, Austria
No pain
"Ordered a Vita Chip around mid-October and it arrived very, very quickly, in time for an upcoming dental surgery. After the surgery, I went straight to bed with the Vita Chip in my phone under my pillow and a cooling pad on my swollen cheek. I had absolutely no pain for 2 days, then the healing feeling started, but no pain! Awesome!"
Christine L., Lübeck
Noticeable improvement
"I had the Vita-Chip put on my leg with the cell phone. There a strain has restricted me for 5 years. The whole leg started to burn and throb, like after an energetic healing treatment without technique. After that I felt a slight improvement. The handicap has not disappeared yet. But the energy field around me became noticeably bigger."
Andreas B., Aachen
Improved through the Vita Chip
"Please send me 8 Vita chips (System 8). I always have one on my cell phone and I am very satisfied. My hand, which always hurt from playing the piano and flute, has improved a lot and I attribute that to the Vita Chip. I had the cell phone with chip tied around my hand at night for a while."
Verena M., Schüpbach
Pain in my feet nearly gone
I have had the Vita Chip Health for a few days. I have had pain in both soles of my feet for about 3 months. Cause still unknown, suspected borrelia. The pain intensity was about 7-8/ out of 10 in both feet. Now there is already an improvement, the pain is almost not noticeable anymore, about 1-2 out of 10, every day it gets better. I am very grateful to you! I am a  caregiver (64) and have been caring for my partner (73) with care level 4 and 80% GdB for 4 years. Having no or hardly any pain helps me enormously to keep going, because I have to function. You have given me quality of life and strength. Forever connected I greet you and your team!
Karin F.

These testimonials are partially abridged and are available in the original upon request.